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. these are too much. >> i hate to be cynical, but i am skeptical. they were writing the laws. good politicians act on a self interest and what the public demands. one fast point, you mentioned california, and that is where campaign finance matters. most people have a strong view about president obama or mitt romney. where this really has an impact is local but also on state emissions. california has all kinds of stuff on the balanced, because if you have got more money than your opponent, you could win. tavis: joe biden has apparently written a tell-all, and i am told it is not a flattering picture he paints of the vice president. i do not know if that would have any impact. the question is what kind of nose itches -- what kind of buzz is generated. it >> if an idealistic young american comes to washington to change things, but washington changes him. in the process of explaining his story, he takes after his former boss, joe biden, and portrays joe biden in a negative light. it is also a scathing indictment of how washington politics works and how both parties will relate to the business comm
show. i make a joke all the time. one of the gains we had this summer, i looked over common- law and she might have been a 70-year-old caucasian lady next to a black lady, and they were both bobbing. was like, where do you see this? this is great. if you are a hip-hop fan, we are going to play something you like, but we are throwing some re you would not be sitting in front of. tavis: you have done some covers. >> i chose the for the gala, because she can sing anything. -- for layla because she can sing anything. i chose them because it was a perfect couple, and -- perfect cover, and i do not know many people who do that. tavis: this cp is out now. what is next in the agenda? >> i am going to do volume 2, featuring a slew of guests and artists i did not have room on this one for and people i have never worked with, so i am still getting back together -- getting back together -- that together. tavis: you are in los angeles. they are lined up all over the city. if you have just now come to know this brilliant artist, you now know the name, and you should add it to his collection. i
that they are providing a benefit and that the benefit is overwhelming common-law -- overwhelming, whatever the risks and down sides are. >> talk about what concerns you about the issue of privacy. i know most doctors do not even communicate with their patient via e-mail. >> that basically tells you the whole problem. 68% of american physicians will not e-mailed their patients. that tells you something, but what we have is the issue of anything digitized is subject to breaches and leaks. this is a problem, because if it is your valuable data, we have already seen that with medical records of some of the top medical centers, so this has to be brought to the lowest level of risk. it is never going to be 0. we have to maximize the impact of having the data that is so portable and useful. it is really a risk benefit story. >> what makes you believe all of ass leads to better how oealth opposed to greater awareness, because they are not the same? >> i am with you, because the big difference is people taking ownership. it is there data information. they did not have access before, so once that happens that
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)